Hey! I'm a Product Leader based in New York City.

About me

I’ve always had an obsessive curiosity about the world around me and how stuff works, which is appropriate being from Missouri, the Show Me State. Coupled with interests in technology and entrepreneurship, this naturally brought me to a career in Product Management.

Throughout my career I’ve taken numerous products from 0 to 1, found product/market fit and managed products through serious scaling and growth. I’m most comfortable at growth stage startups working on more technical products involving network effects and marketplace dynamics.

Currently I’m a Director of Product Management at Paxos where I help build institutional-grade products to digitize the world’s assets and democratize access to a global, frictionless economy.

I live with my burgeoning little family in Brooklyn. Interests include Formula 1, skiing, film, reading and collecting sneakers.

Elsewhere on the web

I use Twitter begrudingly and I use Instagram even less. I like to build fun things outside of my day job, the last thing I built was a machine learning powered fashion/sneaker app called Copped.

Very ocassionally I write something on Medium. Usually when I get asked for the same advice a couple of times I'll manage to just post it there. Notable examples include posts on What is Product Management and How to break into Product Management.


I guess mentioning these types of things is what you are supposed to do on a personal web site? Once I was interviewed for a Harvard Business Review article. One company I worked for had a decent exit covered by TechCrunch, another one nearly topped the Inc 5000 for revenue growth. The Wall Street Journal has some interesting things to say about what I'm currently working on.