Very basic ping pong app I cobbled together at a recent company hackathon. It uses ELO to generate rankings among all of the people playing ping pong games in the office. Over a three month period and several hundred games played, a clear champion emerged in the office. I was unfortunately not that person. This app mostly served as a way to quantify that I'm not very good at ping pong. In addition to the github page listed below, you can also view the pitch deck I presented alongside the demo at the hackathon.


The Product Management Guidebook

Product management is the process by which modern software is created. Central to this process is the product manager who (with the help of many different individuals) takes ideas and turns them into real experiences used by customers. This guide is a curated set of the best practices from industry leaders in the field. It was created to further my own mastery of the field as well as guide younger product managers I mentor along the way.