Protecting yourself in the modern surveillance state

I’ll reserve commentary on the revelations that the NSA is monitoring the online activity of every single American and has been doing so for years for another post. The purpose of this post is to outline reasonable steps you can take to protect your privacy online. Unfortunately using many of these services will do little to address the current issue. For one this has been happening for years, so everything you’ve done up to this point is already saved for posterity. Secondly, using these services won’t do much if you continue to use services provided by the major tech companies involved (Google, Microsoft which owns Skype, AOL, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.).

Browser privacy
HTTPS Everywhere
Adblock Plus / EasyList
NoScript (Firefox)
Chrome (Chrome)

BTGuard (Canada)
ItsHidden (Africa)
Ipredator (Sweden) (Cyprus / Netherlands)
Longer list

Internet traffic anonymizers
Tor Browser Bundle

Hard drive encryption
TrueCrypt (Windows / OSX / Linux)
File Vault (OSX)

Email/file encryption
GPGTools + GPGMail (OSX)
Enigmail (Windows / OSX / Linux)

IM encryption
Pidgen / Pidgin OTR

IM/voice encryption

Phone/sms encryption
Silent Circle

Update: There is now a site called PRISM Break that has a much more comprehensive list and will probably be kept more up to date than this one.