The drama at Transylvania continues

The drama at Transylvania continues

My previous post about the drama at my alma mater has been read several hundred times in the past few days. Since writing that, there have been a few interesting developments.

A document has surfaced, which is allegedly remarks made by President Williams to faculty in response to their vote of no confidence. It can be viewed here. I cannot attest to its authenticity, so take it for what you will. (president_letter.pdf)

There is also a letter from Board of Trustee Chairman William T. Young Jr regarding this situation, which you can read here. This one seems legit. (WTY LTR to Faculty and Staff)

Inside Higher Ed has written an article specifically about the tenure dispute. Of particular interest is the comments section, in which two people, presumably my favorite two professors from school based on the usernames, argue further about the tenure incident.

This meme has been shared quite a few times. I don’t really understand the context, but it seems to resonate with many.

The most significant development has been that the faculty submitted a 35 page document outlining specific issues with President Williams to the Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees. They have also demanded he resign.

I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions, my position remains the same. I just don’t have enough information from either side to be able to determine what is happening.