I can’t wait to switch to T-Mobile

File that under things I never thought I’d say.

T-Mobile’s CEO is making waves today saying it is time to “Stop the Bullshit” and he couldn’t be more right. The iPhone is finally coming to T-Mobile which is the last major US carrier to not have it. More significantly the company won’t be following the standard phone subsidizing model the rest of the industry uses.

Customers will have the option of either buying a phone outright (somewhere in the neighborhood of $550-$600 total) or put $99 down and have the cost subsidized as an itemized part of their bill. This is how the other carriers sell you an iPhone at half the actual cost. The difference here is that once you have paid off the phone you’ll stop being charged for it.

Your smartphone bill is really high because you are paying for the full cost of your phone over time. That’s why you get locked into a two year contract. But the moment that two years is up your bill doesn’t change. Instead you’re just getting ripped off by even more.

T-Mobile also plans to offer $50 for unlimited EVERYTHING (voice, text and data) with no contract length. Wow. The Verge and Ars Technica have some brief coverage.