Who wants to intentionally hallucinate?

On Mad Men, Roger Sterling took LSD. I’m all about expanding my mind, but LSD definitely isn’t happening (especially when I read about stuff like Operation Midnight Climax). Then I read this BetaBeat story about lucid dreaming. From the BetaBeat article:

Lucid dreaming refers to the act of being conscious while in a dream state—you’re in the dream, but you know it. With practice, proponents say, you can harness that awareness to manipulate your surroundings. Think Inception without the corporate espionage, or Neo’s trips to the Matrix after he downed the blue pill.

Even after re-reading the article, I can’t help but ask if this is real. I’m a really skeptical person, on the other hand I want to think there is something to this.

I’ve definitely had experiences where I feel like I’m skirting the line between sleeping and consciousness. Any former roommates can probably attest that the majority of these experiences have involved me waking up and then thinking I’m still in some sort of dream. I often wake up really, really disoriented and confused about where I am (especially when I wake up while it’s dark outside). I think this is the exact opposite of lucid dreaming, but it gives me hope.

What do you all think? Is this for real? Anyone want to try it?