7 Reasons You Should Play Fame To Get More Twitter Followers

Set up to go viral
People are incentivized to promote the service. The more people you get to sign up the more entries you get and at the same time the more potential followers you can get. This whole thing is going to snowball really quickly.

It’s already getting a ton of press
The San Francisco Chronicle, BuzzFeed and Business Insider have all already written stories about the game. Exposure from these sites alone is going to make it really popular.

You have very little to lose
The worse that will happen is that every day you have one extra random person saying stupid stuff. Chances are, you probably already follow a few of these people.

You have everything to gain
Like any lottery, your chances to win are low, but at least in this one you can influence your odds. Once this thing really takes off though, you might wake up one day with tens of thousands of new followers.

It’s fun
I always think it is fun to follow these sorts of things. I always try to do things that are fun and so should you.

Twitter already approved it
There is no chance of it getting shut down. Twitter gave the game their blessing.

It’s already leaving you behind
In the time it took me to write this, the pool of followers grew from 400 to 550.

You can Play Fame here.