Hey! I'm a Product Leader based in New York City. I’ve always had an obsessive curiosity about the world around me and how stuff works, which is appropriate being from Missouri, the Show Me State. Coupled with interests in technology and entrepreneurship, this naturally has led me to a career in Product Management.

Throughout my career I’ve taken numerous products from 0 to 1, found product/market fit and managed products through serious scaling and growth. I’m most comfortable at growth stage startups working on more technical products involving network effects and marketplace dynamics.

Currently I’m a Director of Product Management at Paxos where I help build institutional-grade products to digitize the world’s assets and democratize access to a global, frictionless economy.


Everything you've ever wanted to know about me and probably more. Mostly focuses on my career, education and other places I maintain an online presence.

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On nights and weekends I like to build things, often with a less commercial bent. This allows me to hone skills I don't use as regularly in my day job.

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Consulting & Advising

I advise tech startups in areas including product management, concept validation, enterprise transformation and general SDLC improvements.

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